How To Make A Small Fortune

What you get when you combine:

A retail operation in an area with one of the lowest costs of doing business (low energy costs, low property taxes, no state income tax, competitive wages)
The eleventh fastest growing city in the United States less than one hour away
Broadband internet and fiber optic telephone lines with cutting edge switching technology
Local transportation companies

= A small fortune.

The fastest growing areas in the United States today are the “exburbs”, areas just outside the suburbs of major metropolitan areas. Hohenwald is on the outer edges of the exburbs of a rapidly growing Nashville. The town of Spring Hill, just a forty-five minute drive from Hohenwald, is the eleventh fastest growing town in the U.S. In fact, almost all Middle Tennessee is experiencing an unprecedented boom.

Hohenwald recognizes that part of its future lies in creating a solid retail base to service nearby larger towns, yet preserving its own small town atmosphere. The downtown area is undergoing a restoration and a transformation to make it more pedestrian and shopper friendly. The City is looking for new residents who can provide quality retail additions to add to a vibrant retail mix. There is still time to make your business part of the market, while investing is still affordable. Hohenwald is welcoming new residents from all over the country every day.

For more information on investing in Hohenwald, contact the Hohenwald/Lewis County Economic Development Office, (931)796-6012,