Progressive Step Back In Time

What causes us to think we’re a great place to locate a plant? Entering Hohenwald and Lewis County is like taking a progressive step back in time. Sure, we have all the modern technology and infrastructure that you must have to compete in the global economy. But the atmosphere and the good will of the community is a throw back to the industrial age that put our economy on the global map. People here know what it means to work hard and their day isn’t complete until they’ve done just that. We are a proud people that believe anything worth doing is worth doing right. We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty and consider integrity the most important characteristic of a hard worker. We will take care of your investment like it was our own. We will welcome you to our community and prove by our actions that you’ve made a good choice. The fact that you don’t have to lock your doors if you live around here is just one of the things that will remind you of all that’s good about living and working in Hohenwald.