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Welcome to the Official website for Hohenwald, Tennessee Tourism.  Hohenwald, Lewis County, Tennessee is one of the best places to re-locate your business or start a new venture.

Four distinct seasons, easy access to recreational offerings and a variety of sports and cultural activities make Lewis County an excellent place to live and work. As some of the scenic wonders of Lewis County, the Buffalo River and the high forest are the focus of many activities that Lewis County residents take great pride in enjoying and protecting.

In Hohenwald and Lewis County the work ethic is alive and well. Our citizens work hard so that they, their families and friends can enjoy a quality of life valued by all. Businesses can benefit from the dedication and skills that the citizens of Hohenwald and Lewis County take pride in developing. And when the workday is over; well…we can still find time for a little fishing in the Buffalo River.

Affordable housing, abundant low cost energy and a complete educational system provide Hohenwald and Lewis County residents with an unbeatable quality of life, and offer businesses the building blocks to be successful.

Lewis County enjoys a strategic location, highly developed infrastructure and a work ethic that can add up to profit for businesses locating in the Hohenwald and Lewis County Three Star Community. Local elected leaders, citizens and the public and private sectors are all working together as a team to make things happen. The Lewis and Clark Expedition located us and we think you will be pleased when you find us also.


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  1. I am thinking about buying a house there from a Church friend here in Tampa. My son is working in Jackson. I have a great grandson who will be in the 11th grade next yr. Do you have a School for very smart gifted kids, he passed the college SAT test in the 7th grade & was able to go to Texas A&M this past summer & take Robotics. He wants to be a Dr & go to Medical School. I need to know a little more about your town. I am retired & want to grow a garden, I don’t like to buy store bought foods, I like to grow my own. Thank You , Doris J Birkett

  2. I am looking for a classmate from Ethridge,TN can you tell me where to find address or phone # for Glenda Steadman? also I use to live in Summertown sure do miss the 4 seasons there. And swimming in the creeks .
    Thank you

  3. was in your area several years ago and stopped between your town and the merriwearther lewis exibit on the Trace .. to see a yard sale ran for about 8 miles
    on hwy 20 i think….Do you still have it….was around the 1st of march..

    thanks….john bible…

    • Hi John — The yard sale you are talking about starts mid-October and runs through Hohenwald’s Oktober Heritage Festival planned for October 12-13-14, 2012. Would love for you to come back and see us soon! Let us know if you have any other questions.

  4. We will be biking the Natchez Trace with three other couples in Oct., and are interested in interesting sites to see in your area. We will be traveling from Hohenwald to Collinswood. Do you also have a suggestion of lunch places along the way. Thank you for the information.

    Bev McCullough

    • Absolutely! In Hohenwald there are several really great places to eat – Junkyard Dog Restaurant, The Emporium Cafe, Skipper’s Korner Kitchen, Hometown Cafe and two Mexican places, Rio Colorado and Casa Grande. All but Casa Grande are within walking distance of The Elephant Sanctuary Education Gallery, Memory Junction Antiques, Bloom Boutique and several other nice places on Main Street. Along the way, if you find yourself in Waynesboro, visit Emerald’s on the square for lunch or dinner or Jeanette’s where you may find live music on the weekends. If you dine in Collinwood, we have eaten at Chad’s for a country-style buffet but be sure to go to The Dragonfly Emporium for dessert, a smoothie (or coffee) and take a look at his collection of antiques and unique items. If you spend the night in Hohenwald, call ahead and get a room at or Ridgetop Bed & Breakfast. So much to do, so little time!

  5. I am the grandson of Owen Perice Hinson his brother was Joe Hinson
    Hohenwald Tennessee
    My Father Paul Wiley Hinson
    My Uncle Bobby Hinson
    Does anyone have any information regarding my family Hinson name?
    My name is Paul Leonard Hinson Naples Florida

  6. Hi!

    Did you have a family of Hinsons there in the 1960’s? I am from Taylor, Mich. and my best friend moved to Hohenwald. We lost track of each other and I can’t fin her. Her name is Kathy Hinson. She would be 60 years old now. Would you give her my email address if there is a lead there in your town?

    Jan Allen

    • Believe it or not Jan, I am Kathy’s middle son. She loves getting back in touch with her old friends. You can send me your info and I will give her your email address.

  7. Hello Hohenwald,

    I have recently accepted a job in your town at the elephant Sanctuary. This is my field of study and worked very hard to land the position. In less than two weeks I will be driving from portland, OR to Tennessee, I have temporary housing for 4 weeks. I can’t find any rental properties. I have two Great Danes. I need a house that I can rent to own. I currently own a house in Texas and am in the process of selling it, until that happens I cannot buy a new one. If anyone has a house for sale who can work with me, I can provide, background checks, credit references, credit report, cosigners, and anything else. I’m planning on settling down in Hohenwald. this will be where ill eventually raise my family. Hoping someone can just help me out, Thank you.

  8. Question, and you guys don’t need to publish this if it’s all the same to you all. But I’m originally from Florence, and used to love doing 50 mph up and down the Trace to places like Hoenwald. Now, this was 25 years ago, but at the time there were literally half a dozen large-scale thrift stores that brought in material by the bales. I am currently in need of such material, plus, I’d like to re-live some old memories as well. So, do you all still have such a concentration of such stores? There’s no need for you all to still have as many as you all once did, but before driving up, I would like to ensure that there are still at least three or four big recycled clothiers in operation.



    • As trends change, so have the number of “junk” stores in Hohenwald who offer bales of used clothing. Yes, back in the 1970s and 80s, it was common to find several outlets offering the “dig.” Today, there are several stores with used merchandise for sale and you would more easily find a variety of household items than clothing. With that said, at least two stores, the Ultimate Garage Sale at 418 Swiss Colony Rd, and Bloom Boutique at 30 East Main, both offer used clothing (no bales). The UGS and Mel’s Place on Maple St. both purchase contents of unpaid storage units. There are several great places to eat — Come see us!

  9. Do you know if there is an approved revitalization plan for Hohenwald or for the County ? If there is, I need to know how and from whom I can obtain a copy. I am doing due diligence for a proposed project and one requirement is that there be an approved revitalization plan in place. Specifically, I am intersted in areas right outside the city limits of Hohenwald. Can you help or direct me to someone who may be able to help me? Thanks. Dana Holloway, Navigo Development Group, Inc., phone 850-832-1696, e-mail or Thanks.

  10. Hi My name is Jackie and I just recently purchased a home in Hohenwald, in my home search I came acroos the house but also fell in love with the atmosphere of country living and small town pride. I cannot wait to eventually move in and start our lives in your beautiful town. Hope to experience all that Hohenwald has to offer.

  11. I loaded cattle just outside of town there for parks trucking company I always enjoyed coming there the people and the hospitality there was fantastic its a great place with beautiful secernery

  12. Born in Hohenwald Uncle Chuck said ize one them 25dollar babies!! lol Love the area. Write songs and soon realeaseing my 3rd Album Yall check it OUT!!! and share Boss Cotton L.T.D. and The Pipeline Boys Band facebook, Herbert Hopkins, Boss Cotton L.T.D. on All my musics on Touch tunes Juke Boxs in 50 thousand locations super search Boss Cotton or song Pipeline Boys. Need to get a write up in the Herald sometime. Kin to the Stowes, Crowells LOVE Rockhouse Creek. Wrote a song called “Lewis County Whiskey” not recorded yet!

  13. Near 1974 I spent a week’s vacation in Hohenwald. My grandfather’s sister lived their with her husband Jay. He was a big pig farmer, one of the largest in the region, I have fond memories of walking down to a big muddy river, swinging on vines, tipping rocks over to find snake and of course watching a huge sow give birth to 13 piglets. Does this man, Jay! Or this farm ring a bell with anyone?

  14. My husband and I rode our bikes up that way a few years ago and came upon a bike ride for Bubba Sisco. Do they still do that and if so when? Meet some really great people.

  15. Wonder if anyone is still around that remembers the repertory tent show of Bisbee’s Comedians that use to play
    Hohenwald back in the 40’s and 50’s. Rod and Boob Brasfield were their comedians for years. Both originally
    from Hohenwald. Rod, of Grand Ole Opry fame and Boob, later
    of Ozark Jubilee fame as Uncle Cyp(with wife Neva as Aunt
    Sap). My family worked with them and Bisbee’s for many years. They are all well represented in the theatrical
    Museum of Tent, Folk and Repertorie Theatre in Mt. Pleasant, IA. as well as my family and many others.
    I still miss that smell of canvas, grease paint and sawdust. Visit us at the web above…..Mickey Lacey

  16. I found a house I like on Fern Spring, is that far from town? If I wanted to add a garage do you have construction business’ there? Is that a safe area for single mom? Thank you!

  17. My partner and I are thinking about opening up an HVAC, Heating, Refrigeration, Plumbing and electrical company in Lewis County with all certified technicians. Do the residents of Lewis County think this would be viable?

  18. Hello from Berlin. Found your town on a U.S.A. map. Seams to be a nice place, your Hohenwald. Founded by german settler ? cheers : Hans

  19. Hello! Years and years ago I went to a thrift store in Hohenwald that had a day where they opened huge bales of used clothing in the middle of the store. Patrons could dig through the pile for items.
    Does this still exist?

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