Visit Hohenwald

When visiting friends or family in Hohenwald for the holidays, be sure to check out shopping or recreation in the area.  Make your vacation plans now and visit us again soon!


Visit Hohenwald — 3 Comments

  1. I once knew someone (his name was/is Larry Lord) from Hohenwald back when we were both stationed in Fort Knox, KY back around ’66. We came down to visit on leave, and what a beautiful region it is down there His father was the mayor back then. Those were fond memories, and I would just like to say hi again after all these years. It would be appreciated if this message would be passed along. Thank you, Michael J.

  2. I plan on attending the June 6 Summerfest in Hohenwald. The Rockin’ Grannies are coming from Nashville. Would you please give me the most direct route from 37205? I believe it’s Route 100 which I can access not far from my home. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Granny Phoebe

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